November 8, 2011


Well November is here and so the indoor life commences. If you are an at-home mamma and you need a bit of extra cash for the holiday cheer one must look inward to find new ways of earning such cash.

For me, it has always been art and the making of things beautiful.
Most years, I simply make gifts and avoid the shopping malls if I can. But this year I thought I would take a hack at the craft scene and put a few pieces in the WCV CRAFT SHOW!

I don't have my pics up yet so I can't show you what will be going in but let me tell you it is quite inspiring to be sewing again. This is the time of year I wish I could just ship my kids to Ontario (St. Catharines or Ottawa) and get to work!

For now, you can take a look at this one. It's a terrible shot of the real thing. It is in memory of my friend Christina who passed away last month. The whale represents death and the sun represents the fragility of life (lace). Death is wearing a party hat (which reminds me of Christina who always wore a new hat). Death is always a double edged sword. Both sad for those left behind but for the one moving on, a joyful endeavour into a less painful life.
I find I live with a lot of fear of death. Both for myself and the ones I love. I often feel like is lurking under the water, waiting to jump up and bite.

I know that's a terrible view of it but when you have lost someone in a traumatic way, (as I did as a child) life and death are not at all that separated. I am continually aware of its presence and the reason to be thankful for life.

Happy Creating!

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Longing for Home said...

hi maria. sorry to hear about your friend. it's good that you keep up with your crafting self though, as creativity is a wonderful gift from God and you introduce new people to the world of crafts and new possibilities by giving these gifts to people (and selling them, too). you are very talented so I am sure your work will be very much appreciated.