November 23, 2011


Well, it's been a busy house these days. Getting ready for the craft sale and Christmas all at the same time. It has been a lot of fun. Very colourful and whimsical. With the studio in our dining room and the kids fully into it…Mika painting and cutting and Iona singing and playing on her own, it has been a very joyful home to be in for the most part. Coffee in hand and sun shining in makes for a happy mom!

I am so thankful for the chance to have such a relaxing life. To parent the way I feel is best for my kids and have all our needs met. We are getting super excited to be celebrating the holiday season together with the Epp family here and then Klassen's in Ontario. As much as I'm not a snow person, I love the warmth it brings inside. We've already enjoyed some white fluffy stuff, along with squeels of glee as the first thing Mika says when waking is, "I want to go outside!"

I'm on a new journey health wise. I've realized the negative impact white SUGAR and flour has had on me. It's crazy how widespread this processed food can alter the quality of our life! So, I am slowly eliminating it from my diet. I know, right before sugar-plum fairies and candy canes. But, I know it will do me good. Less arthritic pain, less depression and less weight (hopefully). It will be slow and gradual, but that's how we do most things these days! Reno's being no exception!

Perhaps the next month of crafting will be a little more secretive!
Hope you are enjoying the coming winter as well (unless you are surrounded by glorious heat!)

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