November 27, 2011

Craft Sale and thoughts…

It has been a busy few weeks getting ready for the craft sale. Interesting though, I only created 7 pieces, 2 of which weren't even completed. I had a lot of fun playing with fabric and letting my imagination run wild. I don't think I've felt this much creative energy in a very long time!

Leading up to the last few days, the procrastinator artist in me was left with a lot to do. My good friend Heike and I stayed up working together on our machines. It was quite the sight. Fabric all over her bedroom as we both frantically pieced together our last bits. Our families were both gracious and kind to take up the slack. It's quite the rush!

We went to this sale, nerves flying high. This, Hieke's 3rd year and my first (last minute at that) we were both not sure what the day would bring.

Here are the pieces I put in:

Hanging Star (dreams and promises)
Silver Simplicity
Purple Haze
Golden Flight

Forest Greenery (sold to Heike)

I spent 6 hrs standing at my table as over 1000 people passed by! It was an incredible turn out. Incredible exposure to an art form, that in my opinion is still just budding! I however did not sell a single piece until the end when Heike graciously wanted one.

In many ways it was a roller-coaster for me. I had high hopes…the self-confident part of me did. I also thought my work was beautiful. But, against a backdrop of crafts from cute owl decorations to fine jewellery, framed art was not on the forefront of people's brains. Just as Emma's massage last year was completely overlooked. Going anywhere above 30.00 was probably out of the question as this was not marketed as a "One of a Kind" show.

All to say, it was a difficult first run for me, but a great learning experience. I received a lot of positive comments and know that next year I will focus on smaller items and things people can use rather than hang on their wall. Any suggestions?

I am currently working on a large black and white piece showing a winter forest. Every piece I make gets more detail and changes slightly in style. I have so many ideas I can't contain them!

What I am feeling today though, the day after, is immense longing for home. I am at the end of the roller-coaster. My family is tired. I am tired. What I need most are those who know me best. There really is nothing like that. And so, Christmas can't come soon enough, nor will it last as long as I would like. We all have days like that. I hope to connect with you all soon.

Love Maria


Kelly said...

I love your work, Maria.
Silver Simplicity looks as great in pictures as it does in person!
Your art matters.

Erika said...

so proud of you darling. love the creativity in you!

Suzanne said...

Mre, I'm soo sorry I didn't read this till now. Unbelievable work. You are amazingly creative and I am so inspired by you. You really are an artist.
I miss you so much and I completely agree with the feeling of having people who know you best being there for you. Theres is nothing like it. Miss you.